Welcome to my website. When it comes to write something about me I get confused what to write and what to leave. I am a kind of very straight forward and easy going person however a bit addicted in hunting knowledge in computer programming, technology and of course love to try new tech products. I see myself as a core programmer and love to dig hard to get the best out of it. I might be better in finding odds and holes in the system rather than goodies in terms of system analysis. This programming passion and enthusiasm reduced my sleeping times, sometimes it is not unusual to find me awake in the middle of the night because I cannot sleep when I get something in my head and hear TAP TAP sound from keyboard means doing some scripting but it might be chatting too. I enjoy every bit of my work and challenge and I cannot live without these. I enjoy the full taste of it only when I see people using my developed system.

"Learning technology never ends and if you are a web developer, system developer or programmer then good luck on you. Continuality is very important in this profession, if you leave this profession for while; I bet it will be hard turn for you to cope with new technologies out there due to rapid changes. But I enjoy it and I love building new websites, systems, database design and modelling. Believe it or not I have huge electronic book collection about technology, different programming languages, and all sorts of other subjects but lot of them still I did not get chance to look at"

Oracle Application Express Competition 2009

Oracle Technology The Oracle Technology Network (OTN) conducted a competition to promote the development of new Oracle Application Express (APEX) applications by Oracle developers.
To find out more about Oracle Application Express, please visit the APEX Homepage on OTN.

I have participated in this competition and I am one of the luckiest person to be won the competition. I have developed a new system in Oracle Application Express called School Management System (SMS). The whole idea, concept was absolutely mine. I have developed the database design, and interface in Oracle APEX. Fundamental functionality of the system is to manage school on a day to day basis. It includes students, teacher, enrolments, fees, library etc modules to store information. To read more about the system please visit Oracle website, click here to visit winners list.

By the way, this website is completely designed and developed by myself using ASP.NET AJAX, JQUERY and CSS2. Hope you like it.

I have been working for Department of Environment and Conservation since 2007 as a system developer. As of my job role, I am developing a few new corporate systems using Oracle database and Oracle Application Express (APEX).
Some of them are migration from old Filemaker database system to Oracle and a few brand new systems. In terms to migrate the old system to new system, lot of system review works done, analysed stakeholder requirements and business process. Besides these I am also involved in various IT projects in terms of analysis, system design, database design, modelling and reverse engineering.

My fundamental skills

  • ASP.NET 2,3.5,4
  • Oracle Apex
  • Web 2.0 and Web services
  • Oracle 9i,10g, 11g database
  • Oracle - PL/SQL
  • SQL Server 2005, 2008
  • Java, Java Script
  • jQuery
  • IIS 6, IIS 7 configuration
  • Database Modelling, System Modelling, System Analysis
  • Open Source Software - JOOMLA, MEMBOT, DRUPAL, WORDPRESS, VirtueMart, CubeCart etc
  • Wireless network setup
  • Wireless network security (WEP, WPA) setup for access point
  • Configure client machine for wireless network
  • Configure Windows Server 2000, 2003 for small and medium size network
  • Active directory configuration

Besides the above skills I enjoy fixing computers like upgrade RAM, replacing CPU, Hard Drive, ROM etc. I also enjoy troubleshooting software issues and operating system issues.

Website design

Click on the link to visit the website below -

System Development

  • Membership Management System - ASP.NET, SQL Server database
  • Student Management System - ASP.NET AJAX, SQL Server database
  • Tour Operator Licensing System - Oracle APEX, Oracle 11g Database
  • Visitor Statistics System - Oracle APEX, Oracle 11g Database
  • Asset Management System - Oracle APEX, Oracle 11g Database
  • Property Management System - ASP.NET, SQL Server database
  • Hotel Booking System - ASP.NET, SQL Server database

I have done a bit graphic design works for websites and banners.

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