About me

Mohammed Tajuddin My career has begun in IT industry since 2001, before that I used to be a nautical engineer. I worked in the shipping industry for more than three years but did not like it as a long term career. It was 1999, I decided to change profession. I had chosen to move in IT sector as it was in good demand in the job market as well as the sector was growing up rapidly. To get higher study in Information Technology, I came to Australia in 2002 and got admission in TAFE Western Australia. My first study at TAFE was certificate III in Software Application (Programming) however I have completed a Diploma in IT from Bangladesh. I have enjoyed a lot and learned a lot, overall good refreshment of my knowledge in IT. It was a good starting point; I have done C, C+, UNIX and hardware and software installation etc during this course. Here I should say, I have also been graduated in Master of Commerce (Management), Bachelor of Social Science (BSS), and Bachelor Nautical Engineering. So, all the skills were in different subjects and fields. Anyway I have completed the certificate course and got admission at the University of Notre dame Australia to study Master of Information Systems. I have graduated from the University of Notre Dame Australia in 2004 since then embraced the IT sector as core profession. In the mean time Australia over flown with IT professionals considering the job market. I have spent fair bit of time looking for job, started at Coles my first IT Job and Customer service. During the job at Coles, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about database, networking and hardware. I have got admission at TAFE again to do CISCO and ORACLE course. The reason to choose TAFE, there are more facilities to learn thing on hand then other institute.

After that I did not have to look backward, got job at Telstra as technical support. I had the opportunity to learn corporate system management, database, and tools. I had the opportunity to attend many seminars, training relating to my job.

I had started my job at Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) now it is called Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) as a Oracle Application Developer. Check out my profile in oracle forum details for more information . Now my skills are at least but not last–

  1. Visual Basic.NET
  2. ASP.NET
  3. HTML
  4. Windows Server 2003
  5. SQL Server 2005
  6. Visual Studio 2005, 2008
  7. Dream weaver CS3
  8. Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
  10. MYSQL
  11. PHP and Apache Web Server
  12. Configuring ISS 6
  13. OPen Source appliction: JOOMLA (PHP application)
  14. Open Source Application: DOTNET NUKE (ASP.NET)
  15. Adobe Flash CS3
  16. Microsoft FrontPage
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