My Golden Memory

Here I have just recalled some memories through out my past life. I would like to keep them alive forever. Those memories are my life and help me to go ahead with new aspiration. I feel proud of that life when I recall these memories.

Childhood rainfall memory

posted- 7/25/2010 12:00:00 AM

We see diversity of creatures, cultures, and environmentthroughout the whole world. But you could find some rare things around you thatnever change wherever you are, stays the same for millions of years. I noticedone of these things around me; it is the amazing sound of heavy rainfall. Ilive thousands of miles away from my native land. Last night I waked up in themiddle of the night, I heard the amazing sound of rainfall. It was quiet exceptthe miracle and amazing sound of rainfall. This spiritual sound re-minded meabout my childhood in my village. I loved to watch rainfall and wet in rainwhen I was a kid. It is a kind of golden memory that can never be lost. I wishI could get it back for one more time!

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