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Here I have listed some of my works that I have done over the last few years. I have not included all my projects, systems, and applications in this page due to lack of time and resources. If you would like more about any system please do not hesitate to contact me.

I have developed quite a few corporate systems in Oracle and ASP.NET. I have also developed quite a few .net applications for individuals and small businesses. Here I have sought a few from my works.

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Tour Operator Licensing System

posted- 8/16/2012 12:00:00 AM

Commercial Operator Licensing system is developed in Oracle Database and Oracle Application Express(APEX). This system is used to process licence application, renew licences and maintain licensee including operator activities. This is one of the complex system in DEC for it's nature and business process. It has been built in role based user access and authorization with activity logs.


posted- 8/16/2012 12:00:00 AM

This is offline asset management system developed for Parks and Visitor Services at DEC. It has been developed in ASP.NET framework 4.0, AJAX, jQuery and C# and VB.NET. This system facilitate the offline data entry and record management for the central asset management system. Central asset management system developed in Oracle APEX using Oracle 10g Database. RATIS Lite connects to oracle database and import the data into local laptop or notebook depending on user choice then they can take the laptop or notebook to the remote area where there is not connectivity with internet or intranet. They can update records in the field when come back to office updated records can be published quite easily just with a button click. It does synchronize with the central asset management system.
It is very functional and quite flexible in terms of configuring and installing in any laptop.  

Membership Management System

posted- 5/5/2010 12:00:00 AM

This system will provide complete membership management for any club, association or non-profit organisation. This is an web based application developed in ASP.NET using SQL Server 2008/2005 with high security measured. Committee members would be able to access this database from any where in the world as long as they are authorised to do so. At a glance you can do the following task using this system (System overview) -
  1. Register new members and store their details information
  2. Search for a member with their name
  3. Print members list in professional manner
  4. Attach photo of a member
  5. Pay membership fee
  6. Membership fee paid summary along with members name and financial year
  7. Track your payments with a click
  8. Record official meeting or event information for future reference
  9. Record other income rather than membership fee i.e. donations, ticket sales etc
  10. Record expenses
  11. Account summary for all years or individual financial year
  12. Record committee members including designation and responsibility
  13. Sort committee members on election year
  14. Manage users and set role
  15. Send newsletter to all members and store them for future references
  16. Dynamically add new parameters or delete parameters
  17. Store audit information for each database operation i.e. updating, deleting etc
  18. Built in AJAX technology for best performance and partial update
  19. User friendly and reliable, error control, easy to use
Demo application Link: BAAWA Members Online Database or at

Authentication details: Use the following authentication to access this system.

Username: demo and Password: password

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